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Do you have dark spots on your face that make you self-conscious? Excessive pigmentation is a common and usually harmless skin condition that we treat frequently at Flawless Med Spa & Wellness.

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What Is Hyperpigmentation? 

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in which patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. These dark spots are due to an overproduction of melanin by skin cells. Melanin is the pigment that produces your skin, eye, and hair color. There are several triggers that can stimulate the overproduction of melanin. The major culprits are excessive sun, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and genetics. For some people, hyperpigmentation occurs when their skin is healing; we refer to this as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and see this often in those who suffer from acne.  

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Types of Hyperpigmentation 

Age spots, acne scars, and melasma are some of the most common types of hyperpigmentation that we see at Flawless Med Spa.

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Age spots

or sun spots are small brown patches that appear on areas frequently exposed to the sun like the face, hands, arms, and legs. They can also be called “liver spots,” but they have nothing at all to do with your liver. Age spots are more common in older adults, but young people with a lot of sun exposure can get them too.

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is a chronic pigmentary condition characterized by brown-tinted patches on the face, particularly on the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. The condition is triggered by changes in hormone levels and can be made worse by pregnancy, excess sun exposure, or oral contraceptives.

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Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), or pigmented scars, are caused by overexposure to the sun, acne, or trauma to the skin. The inflammation caused by the injury spurs melanocytes, melanin producing cells, to send melanin to the skin’s surface to protect it. This pigment can form spots or cause unsightly blotchiness. Sometimes PIH can mimic melasma. However, the good news is both can be treated the same way.

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How Do Chemical Peels Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Chemical peels are an effective way to treat hyperpigmentation as they remove the damaged top layer of the skin and allow healthy new skin to take its place. One of our star chemical peels is the VI Peel, which targets deeper layers of skin. During a free consultation with our expert aesthetic nurses, you can find out if chemical peels are an effective treatment for you.

Can Laser Resurfacing Help?

Yes. Laser skin treatments have come a long way in the past few years and are very helpful tools to use against hyperpigmentation. One of the best laser technologies is the PicoSure Laser, which delivers highly concentrated energy pulses to deep layers of the skin. This unique laser breaks down the roots of blemished skin cells and shatters the melanin. The extra bonus of this procedure is that it stimulates collagen production and cell turnover.

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Are There Other Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation?

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Dermaplaning is a skin refining treatment where a highly trained professional employs a special tool to gently scrape off damaged skin, allowing healthy, undamaged skin cells to surface. Dermaplaning also clears your pores and removes facial peach fuzz.

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DiamondGlow Hydrafacial

The DiamondGlow Hydrafacial is a cutting edge treatment that accomplishes pore extraction, facial exfoliation and facial skin hydration all in one session. We create a SkinMedica custom serum tailored to your specific skin concerns.

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Flawlessly Manage Hyperpigmentation

We at Flawless Med Spa & Wellness understand how frustrating hyperpigmentation can be, and we have solutions. Consultations are free, and we are open evenings and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule. We are an inclusive space and are proud to welcome patients from all walks of life. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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