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The Only FDA-Approved Eyelash Enhancer

Remember having thick movie star eyelashes when you were younger? Well, that is because you did! As we age, our lashes thin. Do you want the kind of longer, fuller eyelashes you can usually only get with mascara or artificial lashes? Then it’s time to come to Flawless Med Spa & Wellness for longer natural eyelashes with Latisse, the only FDA-approved prescription topical solution for eyelash growth. With easy nightly treatments, you’ll soon see darker, longer, and fuller eyelashes over the course of eight to twelve weeks.

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What Is The Lifecycle Of An Eyelash?

Eyelashes have a three-part growth process. The first phase is active growth (anagen), and the second is a transitional phase (catagen) when the lashes reach full length. The third is the resting phase (telogen), where lashes remain until they are pushed out by new growth.

Why Do Our Eyelashes Thin?

  • Aging and menopause - regeneration of eyelashes reduces with age, and is also impacted by hormonal changes
  • Vigorous scrubbing - rough removal of makeup can damage follicles over time
  • Complications with eye makeup - mascara can increase breakage and lash shortening, and some cause allergic reactions
  • Eyelash extensions - the glue used can tug at your natural eyelashes, thinning or otherwise damaging them
  • Medical conditions - bacteria in the lashline called blepharitis, psoriasis, eczema, or thyroid issues can cause lash deterioration
  • Stress - a common cause of hair loss; some compulsively pull out their eyelashes in an anxiety disorder known as trichotillomania
  • Chemotherapy - certain drugs cause hair to fall out everywhere, including the eyelashes
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What Is Latisse For Eyelashes? 

Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment for individuals with sparse eyelashes, a condition called hypotrichosis. Latisse uses bimatoprost, a synthetic compound that encourages hair follicle growth. When applied along the eyelash line, Latisse extends the active growth phase of your eyelashes.

Latisse also increases the number of lashes produced. What results are fuller, longer lashes that will give you a lush, beautiful gaze. The last thing we love is that Latisse can darken eyelashes, helping to give individuals the doe-eyed look.

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Is Latisse Appropriate For Anybody?

False eyelashes are expensive, time consuming and can cause your natural eyelashes to break. If you have short, sparse, or thin eyelashes, Latisse can help you get the beautiful thick lashes of your dreams, naturally. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse, is safe for most people to use.

However, if you have existing eye conditions like high eye pressure, glaucoma, or a missing or injured eye lens, Latisse might not be right for you. Our medical director will carefully determine if Latisse is safe and effective for you.

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Do I Need A Prescription?

Yes. Latisse is only available to patients via prescription which our medical director and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Loutfy provides to eligible patients. However, you do not have to go to a pharmacy for the prescription. Flawless Med Spa & Wellness is able to provide you with
Latisse at the spa and you can take it home that day. 

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Can I Wear Makeup?

Yes, you can wear makeup as usual, including mascara and eyeliner. Contact use is also okay, but patients must wait 15 minutes after Latisse application before inserting contacts.

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How Long Until I See Results?

Patients start seeing results in as little as 4 weeks. Maximum results become apparent around 16 weeks. Latisse results only last as long as Latisse is used; if you stop using Latisse your results will fade in a few weeks.

How Do I Use Latisse?

Each Latisse patient will receive comprehensive instructions from one of our expert nurses. As a general overview, Latisse is applied topically to the upper lid at the lash line every night before bed. Do not use Latisse on the lower eyelid. There’s no downtime with Latisse treatments, making it a highly convenient and effective solution to get longer eyelashes.

Note, continual use of Latisse is the only way to ensure consistent fullness. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelash growth will return to normal within a few weeks.

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What Are Possible Side Effects?

Latisse treatments are not painful, and side effects are extremely rare. They may include eye redness, itchiness, dry eyes, watery eyes, or puffy eyelids. It is important that you carefully apply Latisse to the lash line. Being inconsistent with how you apply Latisee can leave you with hairs in unwanted random places around your eye. If you experience any of these for longer than two weeks, stop use and contact your doctor and us at Flawless Med Spa & Wellness.

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Get Flawless Lashes

Flawless Med Spa & Wellness is the place for those who like to be proactive about their beauty. We believe every patient at our med spa is already flawless in their own way, and we are dedicated to helping enrich their natural vibrancy. We love the fact we can help patients get the longer, darker eyelashes they’ve always wanted. 

Flawless Med Spa & Wellness is proud to be an inclusive med spa, welcoming people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and social backgrounds. We only offer the highest caliber of care, and through our membership, make sure that anyone can access that care without hurting their pocketbook. Call us at 505-297-1181 to schedule a free consultation today.

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