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Minimize Fine Lines And Wrinkles

You’re only as young as you feel – but if fine lines and wrinkles are preventing you from that youthful feeling, it’s time to become acquainted with our best anti-aging treatments. Whether you want to smooth away forehead wrinkles or fill in deep facial folds, we’ll find the solution that’s right for you!

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Wrinkles 101

Not all wrinkles are created equal. Static wrinkles are visible when your face is expressionless and can include fine lines too. You can blame gravity and loss of skin elasticity for these. As we age, the body decreases production of elastin and collagen, two proteins that make skin supple and youthful. Static wrinkles are common around the corners of the mouth and the mid-face. Poor diet, too much sun exposure, and smoking can make them worse. Dynamic wrinkles form in the deepest facial muscles and are caused by repetitive motion like laughing or frowning. Examples of common dynamic wrinkles are crow’s feet, brow furrows, laugh lines, and bunny lines. Dynamic wrinkles usually only appear when you’re making a facial expression. Both types of wrinkles demand individual solutions.

How Can I Reduce My Wrinkles?

Fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are designed to treat static wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers also stimulate collagen production, which promotes healthier, younger-looking skin over time. Typical results last for 6 months to a year and require yearly maintenance. When administered by an expert injector, your face will look smoother and completely natural, never frozen. 

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Flawless Skin Care

To complement the procedures mentioned above, we recommend the use of a medical-grade skincare line to maintain healthy skin. Department store options, while slightly cheaper, can’t guarantee results like clinically tested skincare can. Ask one of our friendly nurses which of our proprietary Flawless Skin Care line could work for you.

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What About Botox?

BOTOX is designed for dynamic wrinkles. Both BOTOX and Dysport are neuromodulators, which means they have the power to paralyze muscles short-term. Both require a skilled injector; when done properly, BOTOX and Dysport will make you look like a well-rested version of yourself.

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How Much Do Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Cost?

We at Flawless Med Spa & Wellness believe that everybody deserves high-quality beauty and wellness care. To make that happen, we created a flexible membership program that has a solution for every budget. Our membership is free to join and every member has access to our frequent specials and discounts. We also have a variety of loyalty programs for regular visitors. Contact us today to find out how we can meet your needs without hurting your wallet.

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Are There Other Treatments?

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VI Peel

VI Peel refinishes the surface of the skin by catalyzing cellular turnover, allowing new and healthy skin cells to replace damaged ones.  The results will leave you you look fresh-faced and glowing.

Learn More About VI Peel

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DiamondGlow Hydrafacial

The DiamondGlow Hydrafacial is a skincare experience that combines pore extraction, facial exfoliation and facial skin hydration. The hydration serums used are tailored to your specific skin concerns.

Learn More About DiamondGlow Hydrafacial

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Scarlet RF Microneedling

Scarlet RF Microneedling is a non-invasive method to diminish scars and blemishes using advanced radio frequency & heat technology with traditional microneedling to stimulate the growth of new cells.

Learn More About Scarlet RF Microneedling

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Flawless Skincare

Flawless Medspa & Wellness has a rigorously tested line of medical-grade skincare that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles much more effectively than department store brands.

Learn More About Flawless Skincare

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Flawless Med Spa & Wellness was founded in 2011 and has become a premier destination for beauty and wellness treatments in New Mexico. We are a welcoming and inclusive med spa, and are proud to have patients from many walks of life. We have evening and Saturday appointments available, and our consultations are free. Contact us today to schedule your first visit!

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