I recently had a conversation with my 14 year-old about the tattoo she plans to get when she turns 18.  I smiled and wondered if she would really get the same tattoo in 4 years. I told her that she could do what ever she wanted at 18, but recommended she hold off until 21.

You see, I have had the pleasure of helping people through their tattoo removal process.  I would also say that over 70% of our clientele removing tattoos are people who have multiple tattoos.  You may ask, “Why are they removing them?”  Typically, it is the “First Tattoo” that is removed or lightened for a cover-up.  What people wanted at 18 is not always what they want at 40.

Here are some interesting statistics.  1 in 5 Americans (that is right – 20%) have a tattoo and most people love their tattoo.  In fact, according to the Harris Poll who surveyed 2,016 adults in 2012, 86% are really happy with their tattoo and have no regrets. Among those with a tattoo, 30% felt their tattoo made them feel sexy, 25% of them said their tattoo made them feel rebellious and 16% of them said it made them feel more spiritual.

What I found interesting were the statistics regarding the demographics. Yes, no surprise that the number of young adults (18-24) has almost doubled in the last decade.   You know what?  So has the number of people between 40-49!  That was a shocker to me!

Let’s face it, tattoos are a part of American Culture.  I suspect that my daughter will be getting one at 18.  However, for those of you who have a tattoo and fall into the 13% of people who regret it, Flawless Skin Spa has THE solution for laser tattoo removal.  Call us today!

Stay Flawless – Heather

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