I’ve decided that in my spare time (what spare time?!) I am going to write a book. It will be full of anecdotes about the things that go through my head when I wake up, get ready for work, get home at night and before I fall asleep.

One of those things is this… It’s a lot easier to decide to go on a diet than it is to decide to stop being fat! I decide to go on a diet just about every day; unfortunately, deciding to stop being fat is a puzzle that seems to elude me. I DON’T like being fat—in fact, for most of my life, this hasn’t been my “state of being”. It doesn’t feel good, the clothes that I want to wear don’t fit and frankly, it requires me to wear Spanx on a daily basis (does anyone behind me hear my thighs rubbing together?!)

Unfortunately, the list of things that I DO like includes wine, beer, chips, cheese, crackers and a lot of other foods high in calories and low in nutrition. Then I start thinking about why that is—why don’t we crave quinoa? Or kale? And if you are one of those rare individuals that DO—you’re probably thin and I can’t relate to you. I think about how great it would be if I could find the “magic pill” that would require minimum effort and maximum results—even though I know that what it really requires is diet and exercise… on a regular basis. What a pain… maybe I could go into a coma for 6 months? No, that won’t work; I’ve got too much to do. Well, make that “I’ve got too much to put on a list and then NOT get around to doing”, which is almost the same thing, right? This is usually where I get annoyed with myself and stop thinking about it…again.

I’m working on making better decisions; to stop being fat is the big one this week! I’ve got more thoughts where those came from—so watch out!

Have a Flawless day! Marci

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