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Reunions and Rejuvenation

I recently attended my high school reunion; I had a great time seeing old friends and catching up. We all talked about our kids, how fast time has flown and all of the things that have changed since we saw each other last. As usual, some people looked the same, lots more were hard to recognize and most looked a little older than 10 years ago!

Hopefully, we all had our high school “goggles” on and we saw each other through the soft-focus lenses that super-imposed the remembered faces over our older ones! That’s actually one of the things I love most about reunions—everyone compliments: “you haven’t changed a bit!” and I think that most of them really mean it. To them, you are still that cute/funny/serious/intelligent (insert adjective here) person that you were in school and in my estimation, that’s an ego-boost any time!

Now that I’m back to reality, I need a little more help to retain that youthful feeling! We recently introduced the Neocutis Skin Care line to our spa and the whole staff is buzzing about it! I was never a big skincare product user before I worked here, to be honest. I always used moisturizer and sunscreen but beyond that, I just wasn’t really sure what worked or what I needed. I’ve learned a lot since then and I know the importance of proper skin care, especially when it comes to fine lines, skin discoloration and loss of firmness in the skin.

Neocutis is a well-respected brand in the industry, only available through select medical spas & Dr.’s offices. On the consumer front, it has won several beauty awards for multiple years. Discovered as a burn/skin damage treatment in Switzerland, it has outstanding results in collagen repair and recovery. The line has been expanded to include skin brightening, dark spot removal and redness control. I love how bright, healthy and refreshed my skin looks and feels! I am a definite convert and hope that you will be, too!

Here’s to feeling and looking Flawless, no matter what the occasion! We hope to see you soon!

Stay Flawless,


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