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My Rainbow House

I live in Albuquerque, NM in a modest home. It is an adobe and I share it with my two kids, three dogs, one cat and adorable husband. No matter how hard I try to keep it clean, it isn’t. There is always laundry to be washed, fur to be vacuumed, and dishes to be cleaned. Don’t get me wrong, I am not messy but let’s face it. When you live with a menagerie of people and animals, it can get overwhelming.

That is when I retreat to my Rainbow House.

You may be wondering, “Heather, what exactly is a Rainbow House?”

Well, let’s set the record straight right away: It has absolutely nothing to do with LSD or some magical cabin built by hippies.

Truth be told, it is my imaginary house.

Yep! The one that is always clean. The one that has all glass windows that over-look Lake Como / Italy on one side and Central Park / New York City on the other. I have a slide in my Rainbow House that drops you into an infinity pool that is always perfectly heated.

I always have fresh flowers in my Rainbow House. Peonies, Orchids, Roses you name it. They grow constantly (without me having to water them!) and I never have weeds. I have a pet Unicorn that is 100% potty-trained and likes to swim with me in my infinity pool.

In my Rainbow House, George Clooney calls me on a regular basis to see if I will go with him to the Academy Awards (I always politely decline as I am married!). None-the-less, he is persistent.

I am forever 38 in my Rainbow House and I can eat whatever I want and will not gain a pound. Wolfgang Puck will cook for me on occasion, but he mostly likes to ask me for cooking advice. Of course, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are always bringing me paintings to hang on my walls. I know you are thinking, “Heather, they are dead.” Nope! Not in my Rainbow House!

In my Rainbow House, I say things that I can never say to people. You know, like when you encounter a difficult person and you want to say to them, “YOU! Off my planet!” Well, you can in my Rainbow House and you know what? They will always say they are sorry for being such an idiot.

Well, writing this blog has been fun as I have gotten to spend more time in the Rainbow House than normal. Need to get back to work at Flawless Skin Spa. We may not have unicorns or infinity pools but we do have Cosmo, Kevin Tolman’s art and Flawless people.

Stay Flawless – Heather

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