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We are preparing for filming here at Flawless Skin Spa this week; a video for our website and perhaps some other venues down the line. We have been busy rounding up clients for testimonials, writing scripts for voice-overs and planning the look and feel of the video—Heather called to see if Spielberg or Scorcese were available for direction; we’re still waiting to see! I am thinking that a little CGI (computer-generated imaging) would be awesome!

We were talking about everything and got on to the subject of pictures, Instagram and the younger generation who virtually document their lives on electronic devices and the internet. It is amazing that from one generation to the next, the advances in technology truly change the way that we create memories and remember our life moments. We connect with friends, family, co-workers and even strangers instantly and share our thoughts, pictures and information. Our chronicles unfold over hours, days, weeks, months and even years in the public eye with electronic “scrapbooks”—snapshots of not only special events but of our daily lives. While old films, videos and photo albums mostly shared our milestones, today we are allowed a much more intimate (even if mundane at times) view into the lives of those around us.

While Prince Harry might not appreciate it much, I think that we get a more realistic “picture” of our fellow man (and woman in his case!) now, instead of one that is carefully edited in history. That fact is, in a way, a little frightening but in another, kind of refreshing. Just remember what your parents told you about wearing clean underwear, that getting caught doing something right is definitely better than getting caught doing something wrong and, finally, Santa (and sometimes A LOT of other people) know if you’ve been naughty or nice, so you’d better watch out!

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