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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” …

the familiar Christmas tune in that commercial that used to run for one of the office supply stores, with the parent pushing a cart full of school supplies, always cracked me up. The kids were dragging their feet and the parents were skipping with the anticipation of having things get “back to normal”—such is life for most with school-aged children!
I used to call my husband at work after dropping off the last child and say “can you hear that?” and he would humor me (smart man…) and say “no, I don’t hear anything.” And I would giggle and say “that’s right! You can’t hear anything because it’s QUIET!” I relished finally having the peace of no bickering, complaining, crying, projectiles flying across the back seat, etc. that came from too many days of togetherness during the summer.

Now that mine are nearly grown and (sort of) out, my nostalgia for those crazy days of summer-into-fall has grown a bit. My two daughters are in college and living away from home and my son can finally drive himself to school (and practice, games, movies, etc.). As news stories reported the activities of the first day of school and the stores advertised their back-to-school supply sales, I thought to myself that I actually kind of missed it! I bought my son a couple of spirals, binders and packs of notebook paper but he didn’t really need anything else. Gone were the days of school supply lists, filling up the backpacks and “meet the teacher”. As crazy and chaotic as it can be, those times really do come and go so quickly. I remember people telling me that and thinking “I can’t wait!” but now that those days are nearly gone, I think I can wait a little longer. My kids might not be little anymore but life is still full of crazy, chaotic, exacerbating but mostly great moments with them!

Whatever phase you’re in, remember: this, too, shall pass—even if someday you won’t want it to! Enjoy all of the moments in your life— and stay Flawless!

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