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A Flawless Gift for That Special Someone!

So, I started thinking about the holidays. It isn’t all that difficult considering XMAS has come before Halloween!

I always like to get unique “one of a kind” type of gifts. Things that people would not really buy for themselves or take the time to find. Of course, Laser Hair Removal is a gift we LOVE for people to give, but let’s face it, you can not exactly wrap it up with a bow.

Well my friends, get ready for blogs to come listing all things fabulous and flawless. Here are a few goodies to check out:

1 – A sweet light blue locket necklace, place a photo of you or a loved one inside. These treasures are made in Scotland so order ahead of the holidays.

$24/each – Website

2 – I love miniatures. Here you can find 1:12 scale miniature to collect or wear: dishes, dessert and preparation tables for your dollhouse, and rings, earrings, necklaces to wear! All completely handmade in Italy!

$15.00-25.00 Each – Website

3 – Looking for the one of a kind Cell phone case? Here is a one-stop shop for an affordable iPhone case.

$26.50 – limited editions – Website

4 – A set of celebrity mug-shot charms can be used to identify a glass of wine. Created with a silver bottle cap and wire, these charms make it easy to remember which cup is yours, not to mention are great conversation starters. Consider it the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

$9.00 – Website

5 – The gift of long and natural eyelashes – the gift of Latisse! Come to Flawless Skin Spa and get 15% off a 5.0 ml bottle of Latisse. She will have the lashes of her dreams in no time.

$145 – 5 ml bottle / $95 – 3 ml bottle Website

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