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Laser Tattoo Removal, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Are you thinking about removing a tattoo, but are not sure what to expect?

Here are a few things to think about prior to deciding who removes your tattoo. For starters, knowing what type of laser the spa will be using is critical. At Flawless, we offer both the Q-switch and Pico lasers. In fact, we are the first spa in New Mexico to own a Picosure laser.

What does that mean? Well, it means that Flawless Med Spa can remove your tattoo faster then any other med spa in town because we own both lasers.

We advise people that they can need anywhere from 4-16 treatments to remove a tattoo. The reason for this is that there are thousands of tattoo inks, none of which are regulated by the FDA. By using the Pico Laser, you will reduce the number of treatments by 50%. So, if you were going to need 12 treatments with the Q-Switch, you would most likely only need 6 with the Pico laser combo.

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Before & After Photos


Picosure Photos Courtesy of K. Arndt MD and J. Dover, MD

How It Works

At Flawless Medical Spa, our Pico and Q-Switch lasers allow us to treat every skin type ranging from very light to very dark skin with minimal discomfort. The science behind laser tattoo removal is that you want to break the ink under the skin into micro particles. This process signals the body to remove these micro particles and process them out of your system. The difference between the two technologies is how small the particles are shattered after a treatment. The Pico uses pressure waves and basically pulverizes the ink in to ultra small grains of sand. The Q-Switch uses photo-thermal energy to break up the particles but really only to the size of small rocks. Your body has to work harder and longer to remove the ink, thus resulting in more treatments.

How To Prepare

In preparation, it is important that you discontinue topical prescription medications 7 days before treatment (like Retin-A, Differin, Trilumen). If you have a new tattoo – we recommend that you wait 4-6 months so that the area is fully healed before we start to remove it. It is important that you stop all tanning (spray and or sun) the area and keep the area being treated out of the sun. If you have hair in the area, we request that you shave prior to your treatment.

What To Expect

Prior to every treatment, we will ask you to tell us about any new and existing medications you are taking. Please tell us about vitamins, supplements, hormones, etc…because some can make you sensitive to light. On the day of your appointment, the nurse will clean the area, cool it with a special device, give you protective eye wear and deliver the treatment.

The treatment is fast. Smaller tattoos take about 15 minutes and larger ones will take 30-40 minutes. You will feel cooling air on the skin and a beep prior to each laser pulse. The nurse will go over the tattoo with the laser and might use multiple lasers to treat different colors or ink. Frosting and blistering is normal.

It is important that you inform the nurse if you need to take a break. It is common to rest before moving onto different areas. After the treatment, the nurse will spend some time cooling the skin and then apply aloe gel and cover it with a bandage.

Numbing – Flawless offers topical numbing. It can be applied 30 minutes prior to your treatment. There is an extra charge of $40 at each appointment for this service.

Post Care

It is important that you keep the area dry and apply aloe to keep it moist. Do not immerse the tattoo in water until it has fully healed. Once it has healed, please keep it out of the sun. If you have any questions, please call the Spa. You can request another copy of post care instructions at anytime.

Appointments will be scheduled 8 weeks apart.

Membership & Pricing

Save 25% by joining one of our memberships. We offer two laser tattoo removal memberships and have built the memberships around 5 treatments. Since every tattoo is unique, it is difficult to know how many treatments you will need. We tell people it can be anywhere from 4-16. The Pico/Q-Switch Combo is the fastest removal option and will remove your tattoo 50% quicker. Flawless Med Spa is the only Med Spa in New Mexico to own a Pico Laser.

PICO / Q-switch Combo

Laser Tattoo Removal
The Pico & Q-Switch Combo – 6 payments & 6 Treatments
A la Cart
Membership Price
Extra Treaments
(For our clients who have completed a membership)
1 x 1 Stamp
2×2 Oreo
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