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What is happening in your largest organ? (We can it skin.)

Published on July 16, 2018 by


Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Here is a crazy fact… adults carry 8 pounds and 22 square feet of it around everyday! Crazy – Right? Not only does this organ literally “hold us together,” it also acts as a waterproof shield that protects us from harmful chemicals, sunlight and temperatures.  Within this organ – you have 3 layers – The Epidermis, Dermis & Hypodermis.


  • This is the top layer on skin and is responsible for making new skin cells. The cells travel up to the VERY top layer over the course of a month and eventually flake off.
  • This layer gives us the color of our skin. The amount of melanin in your skin will determine the pigment. When we tan, these melanin cells get darker.
  • This layer is critical as it helps your immune system.
  • Everyone should protect their epidermis with sunscreen.


  • This is where you make your sweat and grow your hair. Your sweat actually goes through a small tube, called a pore and is critical to regulating body temperature.
  • This layer is also where your blood feeds your skin. Not only does it nourish it with good nutrients, it also helps remove any of the bad stuff to keep you healthy.
  • When we treat patients with laser hair removal, we are essentially using the energy from the laser to prevent that blood supply from nourishing a hair follicle.

Hypodermis (also know as subcutaneous tissue)

  • This layer has special connective tissue that attaches your dermis to your muscles and bones.
  • This is also where you store your fat. These fat pads are what give us volume in our face and also protects us when we fall on our bottom.
  • As we age, we lose the fat pads in our face and cosmetic injections are an excellent way to maintain that volume.

Flawless wants to help you keep your skin healthy and protected. Our staff has been trained and educated in skincare and in the services we provide, so feel free to call us to talk about products and services. We would love to hear from you!

Stay Flawless – Heather


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