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Tattoo Removal Albuquerque

Published on February 23, 2019 by

We all have regrets in life, but not all of our regrets are “permanently” inked into our bodies. A tattoo regret can be a constant reminder of something you no longer wish to be reminded of, or some that holds you back from entering the career you wish to succeed in, or simply just something that no longer represents you are today. No matter the reason, tattoo removal is here to help you right that wrong. At Stay Flawless we offer tattoo removal using both the Q-switch and Pico lasers, which means we can remove tattoos faster than any other med spa in town.

Most clients require between four and sixteen treatments to remove their tattoo, depending on size and colors used in the tattoo. If you are tired of living with regret inked on your body, contact our office to schedule your consultation to find out if Tattoo Removal at Stay Flawless may be right for you.

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