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Semi-Permanent Makeup – “I Got My First Face Tattoo”

Published on September 12, 2018 by

So I did it! I finally tattooed my eyeliner and you know what? I LOVE IT!

I heard all sorts of stories about pain, color not being right and making you look different. I can tell you this – the pain was VERY little, it took about one hour and I love my results.

Here is my story of how things went down:

I met Erin (who has over 8 years of experience) and we talked about how I wear my make-up. She asked me to apply my makeup so she could see how I line my eyes everyday. I told her I wanted to go thinner because I was nervous – she said, “No problem.”

We discussed color and I opted for a black tone. She cleaned my face and carefully removed all my make-up. She then started applying an ointment around my eyes with what felt was a Q-tip. She gently painted the upper lid with a local anesthetic and then started – JUST LIKE THAT.

I am not kidding when I said to her, “When are you going to start?”

She said, “Oh Heather, I started a while ago.”

The only way I can describe the process is a series of passes. She went over and over my eyelid. She did not use a tattoo machine – instead she used a special method called “Soft Tap” which is process where pigment is carefully deposited into the skin with tiny tine micro-needles. There were times when I would start to feel the passes a little more intensely so I would just tell her to apply more anesthetic.

The upper lid took 30 minutes and the bottom took about 20. My only discomfort was that it started to feel raw towards the end. That is normal.

After my treatment, I was given an ointment that I applied for a week to keep the tattoo moist. It had a Vaseline texture. I was religious about it. I also had to keep my face out of the sun and shower for 5 days.

The ink gently faded over the first 2 weeks – nothing bad but I am glad I have a touch up in 2 weeks b/c I would like them a little darker and there is one spot that I would like to filled. Again, this is normal and everyone gets a free touch up 4 weeks after their treatment for this very reason.

So what is the take away? I LOVE IT – like LOVE LOVE IT. (Check out my before and after photos!)

I am 100% sold on this treatment. I love getting out of bed and having my eyes stand out. The color of my eyes pop and I never have to worry about my eyeliner smearing. Flawless is thrilled to have Erin on our team. She is incredible at what she does and if you have been thinking about semi-permanent tattoo make-up, she is incredible.

Stay Flawless – Heather


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