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The staff at Flawless are the best at what they do. Inviting, knowledgable, refreshing, professional. For anyone who is interested in skin rejuvenation, this is the place for you.

(Anonymous, 28 days ago)

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I have been a client of Flawless for over a year with their Botox Membership. I have loved being able to pay monthly for my Botox. Pam has always injected me but I have heard great things about Darlene from my friend. The entire staff is professional and makes you feel comfortable. I recently got two syringes of Voluma and was amazed and the difference it made with my face and wrinkles. What was amazing is that is was very subtle. A big 5 stars from me!

(Anonymous, 139 days ago)

I was referred to flawless by one of my co-workers, she had a tattoo removed and couldn't stop raving about the spa, so I had to check them out for myself. I went in for a removal of a tattoo on my ankle. I had 3 sessions w Darlene and am pleased to say that annoying tattoo that I couldn't stand is gone!! This staff was absolutely amazing and recommend them to anyone!!

(Anonymous, 386 days ago)

I went to flawless to have (2) tattoo's removed, I was so surprised to see that only after one session my tattoo's were significantly lighter and even happier that after a couple of months they faded away completely! The Flawless Staff was extremely professional and I had such a great experience there. I would recommend Flawless completely, I'm so happy with my results!!! Andrea T.

(Anonymous, 386 days ago)

I received a consultation for tattoo removal from Darlene. She was knowledgeable and explained the procedure clearly,that same day I set an appointment for the 1st session. It's been less than a week and I have to say I can see a dramatic change in color (lack of coloring). The Staff is Welcoming and very Pleasant. I'm excited to return in 6 weeks and look forward to continue doing business with FLAWLESS SKIN Cisco G.

(Cisco G., 617 days ago)

Flawless℠ Skin Spa Responds:
Thanks for your review!

If you are a women, like myself, who may be reluctant to walk into a spa because you think its going to be snobby or high pressure, then you need to walk into Flawless Skin Spa! The "feel" is so welcoming and warm and the women and clients are wonderful. I love it! They offer great solutions to every womens aging concerns without breaking your bank . I found myself having my procedures and then just sitting around afterwards talking to the lovely staff and clients like "girlfriends" which is very different from most spas. We all want to feel good about ourselves and Flawless makes you feel good just the way you are, yet helps you to discover an even fresher and more confident YOU! Try it! You will be going back again and again. A great find!

(Johnelle P., 644 days ago)

Flawless℠ Skin Spa Responds:
Thanks for the glowing review!

So, I was really new to Med Spas until very recently. I found Flawless b/c they are right next to Cost Plus World Market at Carlisle and Menaul. What a great spa! I walked in and the lady at the front desk was very helpful about giving me information and pricing. I love their business membership idea of paying monthly. I signed up for laser hair removal and was totally surprised to learn that it is $90/month for bikini and $30 for my underarms! Darlene did my treatment (she is great). I am excited about not having to shave or wax again.

(Anonymous, 720 days ago)

You Gals are great! Thanks for taking the patience to thoroughly explain everything about the procedure. I just completed my third treatment and canít be happier to see my stupidity laser away!! Thanks again and see you all in 8 weeks!

(Anonymous, 849 days ago)

You all are fantastic! I had laser hair removal done a few years ago in Abq and had regrowth :0(. I recently had my underarms done at Flawless and was completely impressed! The staff are all RN's or Nurse Practitioners - LOVE that! I just had them zap my under arms once for $65!!! Everyone else around town charges between $150 - $200 for a drop in!!! They said if I would like to purchase a pack of 8 "small area" zaps it would work out to $35 per visit! A friend of mine signed up for the membership ($35 per month for 8 months = 8 visits) because it turned out to be about half as much as another spa's quote! Um, HELLO!? This place is the best deal going!! The location is really convenient (right by Cost Plus), the interior is gorgeous and the staff made me feel comfortable from the moment I set foot in the door. A great experience - I will definitely be back! So glad I found this place! I can actually afford this place and it is completely luxe! P.S. I also REALLY appreciate how their pricing is on their website - the other places I checked wouldn't even tell me how much services cost without an appointment......I hate having to make an appointment just to find out I can't afford something.....or even worse, having to deal with a high pressure sales pitch. Straight forward, honest, no pressure, fantastic service, highly trained and competent staff and special discounts on services and products -- this place is AWESOME!!!

(Anonymous, 898 days ago)

I've had such a wonderful experience at flawless...I started here for laser hair removal then started my tattoo removal....it is surprisingly quick & the nurse makes sure I am comfortable during the entire process...so very impressed and grateful for the care & professionalism! Ive had this horrible tattoo for so long & can finally afford removal thanks to the flawless membership! So very happy!!!

(Anonymous, 900 days ago)

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