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Cell turnover is the process by which our skin produces a new skin cell. When a skin cell is born, it starts in the lower layers of the epidermis and travels to the top layer of skin over the course of its life. Once the cell gets to the top of your skin, they die and you shed them. The regeneration of new cells and shedding process is what keeps dead cells from building up on the surface.

This is important because as we age, skin cell turnover slows down significantly. As babies, our cells regenerate every 2 weeks. However, by the time we get to 25, the rate slows to 30-35 days. This slow down is natural, however, there are many things we can do to help our bodies increase cell turnover – medical peels being one of them because they help the body regenerate.

At Flawless, we offer several types of peels and can tailor a package around your needs. Our peels range in pricing depending on the condition you want to address and the depth you want to peel.

Glow Peels

This peel is a mild peel and many people will not actually peel. That does not mean it is a bad treatment! On the contrary, many peels today have been specially formulated to ease the peeling process. After this peel, you will actually glow. We call it the “date night peel” because you could go out right after. We recommend staggering this with a dermaplane treatment to encourage exfoliation and cell generation.

A La Carte $95
Package of 3 $271
Membership $85/month – for 6 months & 6 treatments

Acne Peels

This specially formulated peel is a moderate grade peel and is recommended in a series of three. The peel is applied to the skin and will help thin the upper skin layer thin – thus encouraging the cells to go into “shed” mode. Thinning this top layers helps to release blocked pores – this is important because these blocked pores can result in acne scars. In addition to the top layer, our peels tackle what is happening under the skin by inhibiting the body’s ability to produce sebum – the lubrication within a cell that can sometimes get “out of control.” Having too much sebum, dead skin cells & a warm environment is ideal for acne. We recommend that you purchase a package of 3 or 6. Treatments are scheduled 4 weeks apart.

A La Carte $150
Package of 3 $428
Membership $135/month – for 6 months & 6 treatments

Brighten & Revitalize

These peels are ideal for addressing the visible skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure. These peels maximize skin rejuvenating effects with low irritation and help with fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. These peels can be combined with our PicoSkin Laser Facials for those who want to achieve results quickly. We recommend that you purchase a package of 3 or 6. Treatments are scheduled 4 weeks apart.

A La Carte $150
Package of 3 $428
Membership $135/month – for 6 months & 6 treatments

Pigment & Spot Peels

As we age, sun damage, genetics, life style choices and hormones all play a role in the body’s ability to get “out of whack” when it comes to producing pigment. Chemical peels are an excellent way to address unwanted pigment because it encourages the body to shed pigmented cells to make way for new baby cells. We can spot treat special areas, which makes this treatment very effective, especially when it is combined with our PicoSkin Laser Facials. We recommend that you purchase a package of 3 or 6. Treatments are scheduled 4 weeks apart.

A La Carte $150
Package of 3 $428
Membership $135/month – for 6 months & 6 treatments
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How To Prepare

It is important that you discontinue topical prescription medications 14 days before your treatment (like Retina-A, Differing, Trilumen). Please stop all tanning (spray and or sun) and keep the area being treated out of the sun at all times.

Advise your aesthetician you are taking any oral medications or trying to get pregnant.

What To Expect

On the day of your appointment, we will remove your make up and the aesthetician will gently clean your face. Our aesthetician will use a brush, cotton ball, gauze or sponge to apply a chemical solution. You might feel mild stinging while the chemical solution is on your skin. Our esthetician will apply a neutralizing solution or wash to remove the chemical solution from the treated skin.

After the treatment, we will clean and dry the skin, apply NeoCutis Hyalis, and Elta MD Sunscreen. We recommend that patients give their skin a rest and refrain from exercising for 36-48 hours. The area that was treated may be red and dry. This reaction is normal. Some people will start to peel 2-3 days after their treatment as new skin will start to form 4-7 days after a peel.

Post Care

While your skin regenerates, we recommend that you wear a sunscreen like Elta MD everyday and incorporate a retinol & vitamin C into your skin regimen. Wait to wash your face until the next day. Do not scrub your skin or use washcloth. Do not pull at your skin while it is in the shedding phase. If you have any questions, please call the Spa. You can request another copy of post care instructions at anytime.

Membership & Pricing

Save money by joining our membership or buying a package of 3 treatments. When you purchase a package of three you will get a 5% discount and when you join our membership, you save 10%. Our membership is ideal for those who want to add a peel to their monthly skin care plan.

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