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Laser Age Spot Removal Albuquerque

Laser Age Spot Removal $175 per treatment/per area (We will cap out at 40 pulses) Purchase a package of 3 treatments and receive 10%

Dark spots on the skin, also referred to as hyper-pigmentation or age spots, are a common skin problem especially for New Mexicans. These dark spots and patches are actually melanocytes or cells that produce a brown pigment. Once these cells become “excited” a dark spot will appear on the skin. Many times, these spots are found on the face and hands. There are a variety of conditions that can cause these unwanted dark spots: UV Light from the sun (sun damage), hormonal changes, pregnancy, medications, post inflammatory reaction to trauma (like acne) and genetics are a few. The very best thing you can do to prevent future spots from appearing is to wear a sunscreen with a physical and chemical barrier. We recommend Elta MD.

So, what can you do about them if you already have them? At Flawless Medical Spa, we have several options and one of our nurses will consult with you to see which treatment plan is ideal for your skin. In some cases, we can remove the spot with one of our lasers. If you are a candidate for the laser, we will treat the area with the laser and the spot will typically darken and sluff off. People may need multiple treatments to lighten the spot. If you are not a good candidate for the laser, we may suggest our Pigment Control Membership. This involves a series of Collagen Induction Sessions and or Medical Facial Peels. These treatments, combined with a special skin regimen can have wonderful results.

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